Filings for Marshalltown, Iowa Coal Plant Proposal (MOCKUP)

This page offers some of the relevant filings made by different parties in respect to the 660 megawatt (statements about the size of the proposed plant differ in various filings: 660MW is the largest size stated) coal-fired power plant proposed by Alliant Energy for Marshalltown, Iowa.

Public Interest Surveys

Before the Iowa Utilities Board

  • Testimony of Dr. James Hansen on the impact of coal-fired power plants on the Earth’s climate, endangered species, and all life.
  • Testimony of Dr. Neil Harl on the potential demand for electric power from producers of ethanol and other biofuels.
  • Testimony of Tom Sanzillo disputing Alliant’s modeling of future electricity demand.
  • Testimony of Dr. Kristin Welker-Hood on public health effects likely to result from the proposed plant.

Before the Iowa Department of Natural Resources